Crappy sampling, but still….

So I took the tractor to a place a couple of miles down the road today. Walked back so I can take the truck in the morning to have tools and crowbars, and torches and sawzalls and other implements of destruction should I need ’em….down a fairly rural but well-used two lane road,

I walked back simply because I need the exercise and the 3 and a half mile walk was good for me….. I need to reduce my carefully built up Winter Mode Modular Portable Food Storage….(often confused with plain old belly fat by those not in the know) to a more reasonable seasonal level….I stretched out my stride to 1 meter steps and set a good brisk tempo…I did 2.6 miles in 28 minutes, so a decent pace….Not yet up to ERJ standards, but hey…..


Anyway, walking along the edge of the two-lane about a foot and a half or so off of the pavement, I observed something interesting. I was passed by about a hundred eighty cars. I was walking in the direction of traffic so I could see and (if necessary) avoid the cars coming at me…

With one exception, every car driven by a person identifiable as white (the majority) moved over as much as possible in order to give me some safety room. So did the cars driven by hispanic people. (Say 17 or so after I began paying attention to the race of the drivers)….The cars driven by the black people (5) without exception failed to move over at all. No identifiable asians were observed. (Note that the default, minus positive ID otherwise, was “White” so there may be some error…..But I was able to observe the drivers fairly well so I think that error is low)

Now, maybe they are city born and simply don’t know the difference. Maybe they are unaware of the culturally normal and just plain decent thing to do…Maybe they are just assholes and don’t care (I am betting, honestly, on the last)…Maybe the sample was low enough that the results were skewed….I dunno.

But for some reason, 100% of the (identifiable) black drivers chose not to bother to give any safety room. Nearly 100% of the identifiable white and hispanic drivers DID choose to.

Is this a scientific study? No. Merely casual observation. But it does coincide with many other observations that I and others have made. There seems to be something missing there that caucasian and hispanics are not lacking when it comes to courtesy. I guess that is why the inner cities are such shitholes.

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  1. Interesting observation. I don’t walk letting cars come up behind me either.

  2. They seem to go out of their way to block an aisle in the market, parking lot, etc if they notice that they are blocking a white person. I’m sure that asshole is a 100% correct assessment. Also add in RACIST.

  3. It’s a pretty safe bet to put your money on the ground apes being uncivilized…. viewing the world as revolving around themselves. There are exceptions. But they are few and far between. Even the non violent ones are self centered.

  4. Interesting observation.

    I won’t disagree with any of the comments above, and will add that blacks, in general, seem to have a “chip on their shoulder” that appears to have some association with “considering themselves being privileged to act that way.” Memory dulls with time, but 40+ years ago there seemed to me more equality and consideration for others among everyone.

    As a very mature white male (aka “old guy”) my point of observation may be affecting my perception, but I doubt it – I pretty much dislike everyone regardless of race, sex, or planet of origin. In a store I want to get in, buy my stuff, get out, and I will defer to people moving in front of me – not at all to be even slightly polite, I want them in front of me where I can see them, and I walk fast enough that I’m controlling my path, not them – and I’ve noticed for years that more blacks than other races will default to doing what they want without consideration for anyone else. That said, everyone does that from time to time (visit a supermarket on “old folks’ discount day” and you’ll see the same thing as old, white grandma and grandpa obliviously block the middle of the aisle to read the label on everything they’re buying) and I plan on encountering inconsiderateness and just walking around it.

    But over a long lifetime it does seem to have gotten worse.

    Anon 2

  5. Invariably as well, almost ALL black people in crosswalks will saunter across as if they… and you… have all day. Many will give you that “pit bull” look as if to say “What are YOU gonna do about it?”

    …Science is unnecessary when reality is right in front of your eyes…

  6. I did a couple of long “walk-abouts” and I averaged 2.7 miles per hour. For normal people without a drill-instructor motivating them, anything over 20-minute-miles is smoking.

    My evil-twin asked to type for a minute: “Ya know, back in the day some miscreants would put a paper bag in the middle of the road with a cinder block standing up, end-wise in it. Folks who were not paying attention would drive over it and bust-up stuff on the bottom of their vehicles.

    Ya gotta wonder what kind of bags certain people would go out-of-their-way to hit. Maybe a cardboard box labeled “MAGA Hats” or “Hobby-Lobby” or “Chik-fil-a””?”

  7. Did anyone going your direction stop to ask if you were OK or needed a ride?
    2.6 miles in 28 minutes is running. Can’t be a lot of Winter Mode Modular Portable Food Storage in place.

    • Nah, It was obvious that I didn’t need help, I think.

      And I can run faster than that….but that is about the best pace I can keep up for more than a half mile or so before my heart and lungs start to fall behind. It is just a really fast walk.

      And I need to lose another 12-15lb or so to be back in fighting trim. Harder to do as you get older.

  8. 180 cars is statistically valid.

    100% of a subset acting one way and 100% acting another is also valid.

    13% causing 50% of crime.

    not hard to figure out.

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