There is nothing better to make the rest of the population believe help reinforce the stereotype that a segment of a people are animals than for that segment to act like animals…..To believe that that segment is uncivilized, than to act, as a group, like a bunch of animals, in an uncivilized manner.

Especially so when that segment has obvious physical characteristics like skin color to help easily identify them as “animals”.

This weekend in Chicago is a perfect example


5 thoughts on “Y’know,

  1. give them enough rope they will hang themselves, and their whole race. as will the left. i’m seeing more and more people noticing and getting fed up with it. i’m getting real tired of being called a racist for pointing out that they are killing way more people than the ar15. lincoln said “i fear that as a race they are wholly unsuited for self governance”. but he freed them anyway. nothing has changed in 157 years.

  2. ” “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop,” “ Herb Stein.

    The civic decline is becoming increasingly visible, more severe, and spreading. As more and more places become “do not go there, ever” districts, the pressure for resolution will increase.

    What that resolution will be I have no idea, and I suspect it will be either completely ineffective or extremely unpleasant, but it will occur. Were The Interested Parties sufficiently concerned a program of self-resolution would be implemented but that seems to not be among the available options.

    Anon 2

  3. When there is no description of the perps, it’s a given these days… sigh

  4. As long as the current commie crop of criminals is in power the ground apes will continue to do what they have been doing. Why would the quit? And any attempts by their victims to stop them will result in the victims being crucified by the legal system. Lets face reality. America as we knew it is dead. Time to burn it all down, exterminate the ground ape, hang the criminals in power and start over. Nothing else will solve the problem.

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