Interesting dissonance

In coverage of these two similar stories.

On the one hand, stories about this incident are all over the media and internet. White man shoots black kid.,,, Note: 10 PM. Dude is on the porch.

Then there is this: man shot while repairing mailbox by two men who “Just wanted to kill someone”

Now, innit interesting that the kid who was shot by a white homeowner somehow had a cell phone, but oddly chose to bang on the door of a dark house when the people he was supposedly picking up didn’t come out? Hardly normal behavior for a young kid with a cell phone wouldn’t ya say? Lots of other questionable details too…

Then we have a story, not all over the national media, where two black men killed a white guy in broad daylight. Not a word from the national media. Were it not for the internet, we’d have never heard about it. I only heard about it from Phil’s blog

Look: both are tragic (if the first one is actually as reported, which is not assured, as it wouldn’t be the first story like this where the media ignored details to make a story). But the difference in coverage is huge. One, (if true) is tragic, the other is monstrous. One puts a white guy in a bad light, the other shows the worst side of black men. Ignoring the second won’t make the first any worse, and highlighting the first won’t make the second any less terrible. Unless, of course, you are trying to make whites look bad and hide the crime level of black people and make black hate and fear whites.

And then, of course, you have this tragedy.….Black on Black. The girl and her dead brother may be innocent, but other family members were criminals and gangbangers….

If you bother to pay attention, you can see that the media, especially National TV, is highlighting black people being whites and cops. Expect a long summer of unrest, fueled by media with biased coverage.


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