Disconnected from your customers:

Woke Light?

So a beer company decided (no doubt the marketing people are Woke and wanting to show everyone just How Woke they were) to do a publicity stunt and feature a Trans Woman….(dude that wants to be a chick) on a specially printed can of Bud Light.


Now, the backlash was fairly large….Most of their customers are men…..I’d bet 99% straight men…. and few straight men really care for Fake men. They likely don’t care that much, but shove it in their face and they will be repulsed. If your beer brand supports them….not just accepts, but Fetes them, then guess what?

And so it goes. Lots of beer brands. Lots of low(er) calorie beer brands. Direct replacements for your brand.

And it appears that the customers weren’t amused. Sales of Bud Light have plummeted. Whoever came up with the symbolic trans can idea should be….canned.


How is it that less than 1% of the population makes such a difference in marketing decisions?

11 thoughts on “Disconnected from your customers:

  1. The people making these decisions are already rich. Unlike Rick the Plumber who has his retirement fund invested in the company in hopes of actually retiring. Thus when the stock prices plummet the morons on the board don’t feel the sting at all compared to Rick the Plumber who just saw his retirement egg shrink noticeably meaning he’ll have to work an extra couple of years to make up the loss.

  2. The Woke can provides useful information. This decision was made quite high in the company so Anheuser-Busch, one division within the St. Louis HQ of Anheuser-Bush InBev, is obviously thoroughly Woke; that should be enough to stop buying any of their products.

    Which everyone thinks is beer, but A-H also owns Sea World in Orlando, Busch Gardens in Tampa and another resort in Williamsburg, VA also named Busch Gardens. Interestingly, The long list of beer brands A-B InBev owns is interesting: it includes Modelo, Corona, Stella Artois, Beck’s, Rolling Rock, and a pretty long list in Europe and South America.

    Kinda tough to avoid if they own so many breweries and brands. Never bought any of A-B’s beers except Corona, but it looks like I’ll have to start sticking with just Macallan.

    The sacrifices we make…..

    Anon 2

  3. I occasionally bought a Bud Light. No more.

    I was telling the wife about the ad campaign. She shook her head and said “You aren’t going to buy Bud anymore, are you?”

    She is the least political person I know and she is sick of it all.

  4. Well, it is a man pretending to be a woman on a can of yeasty water that is pretending to be beer.

  5. kid rock put out a vid on twits r us that’s going viral featuring him shooting cases of bud lite w/ an mp5 subgun. goodbye bud lite, nice never knowing you.

    • Why waste the bullets?… Just don’t buy the beer…

      • indeed. I thought the same.
        Buying the beer for the stunt helped InBev.

        • he probably already had them, besides he can afford to waste ammo, and is it really wasting ammo when you’re shooting full auto out of an mp5?

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