America has become a Banana Republic.


much truth there.

ETA: 7:27AM  4/5/23 Please understand, I say this only because of how this has been handled…..It is OBVIOUSLY political….If charges had been laid by the previous prosecutor, years ago (he declined) or even just after the current prosecutor had taken office….if this was not just the latest attempt in a long series of attempts to silence Trump, one after the other as previous attempts failed, I might feel differently. But that is not the case. They keep hammering at him to silence him. 

Having said that, I really hope that the RNC can come up with a viable candidate to beat Trump in the primaries and who the American people can get behind for the next election….and who can win. 

Donald, for once, shut his mouth. At least in New York

But anyone who thinks that this in not politically motivated, banana republic stuff is ether lying ’cause they want Trump to go a way at any cost (and the cost, really, is HUGE) or is simply stupid.

At this point, we are one step from political assassination as a legitimate tactic. I mean, we’ve stopped bothering to pretend we are a civilized nation anymore….What once were rules of decency have been tossed aside to political expediency. All for short term (maybe) political power.

We have destroyed the belief (or allowed it to happen, anyway) in the integrity of our voting system. No one with two working neurons trusts our ballots to be collected, counted tallied and reported truthfully and lawfully. No one believes that their vote really counts, Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative.

And now….

We have retired the limits of decency. Allowed political persecution under the guise of law.

Shame on those doing this. If charging him were valid, they’d have done it much sooner. This is grandstanding, political theater, and an attempt to damage a feared and effective opposing candidate. Other prosecutors chose not to pursue such charges….only an aspiring prosecutor attempting to make a name for himself at the bidding of those who hate Trump.

In doing so, he has severely added to the damage to out country first started by the folks who broke our election system,…aided and supported by a Liberal Media.

Those people feel jubilation today…. If they had any integrity, they’d feel shame.




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  1. My gut tells me that this won’t be tried again soon, at least with such a popular candidate. My guess is that what the Dems are doing is tantamount to sticking an M1000 with a short fuse into a cow pie. Look for the blowback to be monumental.

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