I just don’t get it

I mean, you own the property, you can do what you want….

But really?

People move from the cities, or the (very) crowded suburbs of a large city to the “country”….(not really “Country”, but much more rural and less dense than they are used to)…Because they like the low taxes and the “Charm” of the “country” Plus the low crime rate and such.

I swear the first thing they do is cut down all the trees that shade the house in the summer sun,  They want “Nature” and “Charm” and wildlife….just not in their yard.


OF course, this is just the first step.


Then they bitch how far away the Walmarts and Targets are, and especially the Starbucks. Plus the lack of “Decent Restaurants”.

Then they whine about the tractors and harvesters and planters…and the smells of agriculture. And the sounds of target practice…

Then they complain about the lack of services like snowplowing and such.

Go the fuck back to the city. We like it here just the way it is. You left that shithole for a reason.




4 thoughts on “I just don’t get it

  1. and many, here at least, complain about lack of jobs and low wages. then they realize they paid way too much for the house, drove property taxes up and can’t afford to live here and go back north. then we have to move also b/c the taxes ran us out too. a few of them moved into the built up area of our county, not even a town really. after a drunk vet w/ ptsd fired off a couple rounds in the middle of the night they demanded a ban on shooting on private property county wide. we killed that idea and fired the sheriff that supported it, last i heard they were packing up. very rural county, we provided more soldiers to the confederacy per capita than any other.

  2. dont forget:
    “what is the best cell service here?”,
    “who does curb-side garbage pickup?”, (convenience station within 2 mi)
    “what is the best internet service here?”, (Satellite is “crappy”)
    “who does yard work around here?”,
    “looking for babysitter for someone working 12 hr days”,
    dogs running loose everywhere in pasture country,
    dindunuffin crotch fruit tearing up anything not fenced with their ATV’s,
    and all the preppers setting up 4.87 acre “homesteads” raising exotic poultry, goats, swine, and beef

    and running up and down county roads 30+ over the speed limit (hills, curves, no shoulders)

    nobody complains about the firearms around here, so far, but its getting really crowded

  3. It’s inevitable; the city folk come out here to get away from the city and end up bringing it with them… In my town’s case, it “took in” (got paid by the head) a few thousand “Katrina refugees.” The town has never been the same since…

  4. It ALWAYS happens. Shitheads move to small town America and then proceed to do their best to turn that small town into the same type of shithole they fled. ALWAYS.

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