Chicago is screwed

They elected a new Mayor. (or at least that is what they tell us….there are many oddities about this election, but that is another discussion)

Hearing him speak is kinda frightening. He sounds like a 1970’s socialist radical, using the same phrases in the same way. He really has no substance to his philosophy….But he is black, so he got most of the votes from people with skin like his….plus he was supported by the academics and the unions….And he is “Progressive”…he’s gonna gut the city.

He’s more radical than the outgoing mayor Lightfoot, who had no idea how to make a city work, and was clueless as to where the money to run the city actually came from….

This new guy is even more radical and has a greater level of cluelessness when it comes to the economics.

He says all the right words, speaks all the correct socialist phrases, and yet he is promoting policies that will drive businesses away from the city. Higher taxes, more “Inclusiveness”, etc. When questioned about his policies on national TV, he had no answers, only repeated the rhetoric that was his stock in trade during the campaign speeches.

As it is, Chicago is already losing businesses that have high paying jobs….that generate high payroll taxes and high rents that generate high property taxes. Their employees have larger amounts of disposable income that generates higher spending….Which is what generates the taxes for the city to pay for itself….

He’s gonna drive those companies and their employees away,, devastating the economy.  The exodus was already underway and it is gonna get worse under Brandon Johnson.

He actually stated that poverty is an excuse for crime….and the only way to reduce poverty is to tax the “Rich” ever more….that the businesses and the people need to pay a yet higher amount of their “Fair Share”.

Expect the Downtown areas, (that segment of the city that generates over 35% of the taxes paid) to become a ghost town. People will move to where the crime is low. Businesses will move to other places where their employees feel safe and where those businesses are welcomed for the money they generate, and are not taxed heavily. Already, 1/3 of the high-end stores on the “Magnificent Mile” have left (mostly due to crime), and I expect more will do so in the next year.

In 4 years the tax revenue in the downtown will be less than half of what it is today. Bet on it.

Add in the increased hobbling of the police (and the hemorrhaging of decent, qualified officers that actually do their job) and the police department will soon be a (bigger) mess, leading to higher crime….leading to more citizens leaving for places where they feel safe. The exodus will accelerate

We have seen this before, in other Blue cities. The end will be the same.

Socialists keep playing the same game, with the same outcome.

2 thoughts on “Chicago is screwed

  1. I’m very happy he got elected. He’s so horrible he just might totally destroy Chicago. I lived and worked there fifty years ago and I loved that city but it’s gone for good. Maybe by pissing on the wreckage he can serve as an object lesson for the rest of the country.

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