Still prolly not gonna vote for him.

Apparently, Trump is surging n the polls.

I don’t care. He isn’t my favorite. I don’t have a favorite. When the time come for the choice to be made I will choose the best candidate from among the (likely poor) choices presented to me (or failing a “Best” candidate, the Least Bad one).

Just ’cause Donnie is getting the shaft from a (likely) Soros led charge to damage him in the eyes of his likely voters is not a reason to suddenly support him for President. Having said that, the politically fed persecution is starting to irritate me greatly. Until all the other attempts had failed this case was a non-starter even for democrats that hated Trump.

At the end of it, those who hated him still hate him. Those who supported him still support him. The rest of us wait. Few minds will be changed.

2 thoughts on “Still prolly not gonna vote for him.

  1. Realistically there are only TWO viable candidates for high level Federal offices.
    Either the Demonrat or the Dead Elephant candidate. It’s exceedingly rare for anyone not belonging to one of these two parties to win at the Federal level.
    Thus if you REFUSE to vote for Trump if he is the candidate you are by default voting for the criminal lefts candidate. Not that it really matters anymore.
    With mail in voting, ballot harvesting and Dominion Voting Systems the commie left
    will NEVER lose another election again….unless they willingly relinquish it. TINVOWOOT

  2. Elections are moot at this point. The Democrat/Globohomo regime has taken enough control to maintain single party rule. Trump is our last symbolic hope for restoring the Republic. However it will end in the Balkanization of the United States. Wait until you see the Blue Ghettos explode in ‘dindu nuffin’ violence when the EBT and welfare cards are shut down.

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