Turns out they maybe dodged a bullet..


So I wrote the other day about the interaction between the 2 punks driving the beater car and the old man?

Yeah, about that….I was talking to one of my cop acquaintances on Wed and mentioned the incident.  (As far as he knows there was no complaint filed, and he was on-duty that day) I described the 2 assholes and their car…no surprise, the cops know them well. Seems that about once a week they interact with the two assholes or their hangers-on and/or family members…..

The old dude? The cops know him as well. Apparently he was a guy who worked well into the early 2000’s for some fellow on the south side of Chicago who specialized in high-interest low-security loans to people. Since the loan offices were often bars and diners and such, the “loan officer” needed folks like the old man to provide muscle security and bodyguard services. Dude also apparently did collections of delinquent loans. Apparently was a mean fucker during his day. He’s enjoying a well earned retirement here in Indiana. But he is not a person to fuck with. Polite and nice, friendly and kind…but not one to provoke… My cop friend even described the car, so I know we were talking about the same person….

I guess the old guy simply doesn’t give a damn….”Like you,…only with even less restraint or give-a-fuck ” as it was put to me.. (Imma take that as a compliment)

He’s of the opinion that the kids were lucky that he didn’t have to investigate a more serious beating or possibly even a homicide. So much so he’s gonna have a chat with the two assholes so he doesn’t have to scrape ’em up off the pavement…..

Interesting. I’d like to meet the dude over a beer just to see .

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.”

― Al Capone

6 thoughts on “Turns out they maybe dodged a bullet..

  1. I have a saying- “The problem with fucking with someone you don’t know, is that you don’t know who you’re fucking with”.
    The old man is one of those people.

  2. If we had more Old Men like that we would not have so many asshole punks. They’d either learn or…..

    Anon 2

    • Not as far as I know. Just a tough guy who worked for a loan shark in Chicago.

      You need to get out of the movies. Real life is different.

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