So tell me, when is it enough?

I mean, for over half a century I have seen “Minorities” get special treatment in government jobs, procurements, contracts, etc.

“Set Asides” …preferential hiring, extra government money spent to use a “Minority Contractor” when others would do the job for significantly less money (and let’s face it, the same contractors hire the same workers and buy the same materials as the less expensive bidders)….We¬† see Federal and state offices filled¬† (overrepresented, in fact) with “Minorities”….and productivity is for shit….so then they hire yet MORE minorities….

So when will it be enough? Blacks are overrepresented in almost every government job, In receipt of government “Entitlements”, in almost everything except productive private sector jobs. Companies had to hire (and PROMOTE) people of African descent just to be able to stay in business, and do even more for black people if they wanted to do business with state (and especially) Federal agencies and departments. Scholarships, preferential admissions to colleges and universities…..Extra leniency in sentencing… Preferences everywhere in the name of “Equality”…


Now Biden wants to expand Race Preferences throughout the Federal Government.

How much more expiation for sins that happened nearly a century or more ago? more than 4 generations ago? (and by that I am talking about the treatment of black people in society, not slavery, which no one alive today was in any way involved in, either as a slave or a slaveowner)..

But I ask. again, and I am serious about it. When will the “sins” of the past be equalized?

When will it be enough?

5 thoughts on “So tell me, when is it enough?

  1. The fact that state and Federal governments are over-represented by minorities causes a problem with the private sector who are under Affirmative Action quotas.

    How can they hire the required number of minorities when a disproportionate share of the qualified, credentialed minorities are working for government? The government does not accept that as an excuse.

    One work-around has been for the private sector to promote minorities beyond their level of training to meet the requirement. Clerks are rebadged as engineers, bookkeepers are retitled as accountants. Some rise to the challenge. Some cannot perform at that level but everybody looks the other way.

    Sucks when that bridge falls down, though, doesn’t it.

  2. I don’t know, but I’m glad I’m out of that mess…

  3. I’m white. I live in California. That makes me a minority. Where’s MY “free stuff?”

    Honestly, ending this will be like getting smoke back into a cigarette. It won’t end until “everyone else’s money” is gone…

  4. No matter how much the left demands and gets it will NEVER be enough.

  5. For the insane left there will never be enough.

    We will have to tell them, most likely in a missive writ in blood, what enough is.

    Keep pushing and 13% will be 0%.

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