Fucked around and found out

So, a woman was shot in the greater Chicago area. She was pregnant. That was the headline last night.

Today we find out that she was robbing people in their cars. Someone objected and shot her instead and drove off.

What the headlines should read is “Armed thief killed while attempting robbery“.

But no, they keep harping on the fact that she was a woman and 7 months pregnant.

Like the below story, she found out that some people won’t be victims.

3 thoughts on “Fucked around and found out

  1. “in an exchange of gunfire while trying to rob someone”
    Sooooo, she had some thugs assisting her?

    Just a reminder, Illinois has concealed carry including Crook County…..

    • I believe that the gunfire came from the expected victims inside the car who took exception to being robbed and acted appropriately.

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