None of us saw a damned thing, either….

And, I am thinking, a lesson learned on the cheap for the young guy….

So I am loading groceries into the car late morning today…. Hear a bit of commotion, and look over to see an elderly man telling the kid in the beater car to watch his door….I think the kid had whacked the door of the old man’s car next to him.

Being all curious and shit, I watched and listened. I was close enough to hear things clearly once I faced ’em.

“Hey, don’t hit my car with your door!”

“Do something about it, old man!, Fuck you, do something or shut up….DO SOMETHING!”  he got right in the old man’s face His also-scruffy looking companion hooted and hollered at the old man.

There were about 4 guys in the parking lot, me and the rest, watching to see if we were gonna have to intervene,,,,,but no,

Old dude nodded, walked back to his car, started it, opened the trunk, walked back to the trunk, got a friggin’ baseball bat (a nice hickory one) out of the trunk, walked up to the young lowlife looking loudmouth kid who had started things….., “oofed” him in the solar plexus with the small end of the bat (hard enough to sit him down on his ass), proceeded to take about 4 whacks down the side of the shitbox car, got the windshield, the door, the mirror and a taillight. Looked over at the other guy, saw that he had no fight in him, sneered, put the bat into his trunk, closed it, got into the driver’s seat, backed out (carefully not driving over the not-so-tough guy sitting in between the cars) and drove off as casual as you please.

Everyone turned and went back about our business. I’m not sure if the cops were called ’cause I left shortly after that. But I’m pretty sure none of us saw anything anyway, if ya know what I mean.

I haven’t yet seen anything in the local paper (online) either.

I think the young loudmouth “tough” guy got a lesson he’ll remember for a while. He’s lucky it didn’t cost him his teeth.


6 thoughts on “None of us saw a damned thing, either….

  1. The ‘lesson’ the young punk probably learned is that next time to be “strapped” so that he can commit murder. Sadly, young assclowns these days don’t LEARN from their mistakes. They simply go on to compound them.

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