Like Pet Buttigieg only for the FAA

Seems that Biden’s pick for the FAA administrator isn’t a pilot, doesn’t know anything about aviation, and honestly is completely ignorant about all things aviation.

But, Like “Mayor Pete” he’s politically reliable, so there’s that…..

Just the kind of guy we need overseeing the FAA…..and he will, of course, be reporting to his boss: Pete the Incompetent. I feel safer already. We need more clueless Democrats running federal agencies. I

But hey, he’s black, so there won’t be any racism involved, right?

Where do they find these useless idiots?


8 thoughts on “Like Pet Buttigieg only for the FAA

  1. How germane are the questions to the position? Budd did not ask of air traffic control, commercial space or corruption. So it is all preening. Looks like Phil Washington will be next FAA Administrator. Be careful up there B.

    • No matter how incompetent that guy is and no matter how many times Republicans embarrass him, they will still confirm him.

    • They are germane in that they would show a basic knowledge of how the system works and what is required for a pilot. His answers show a COMPLETE lack of any knowledge of the regulatory and safety environment. He won’t be able to understand what the staff will be telling him, much less have the requisite knowledge to approve/disapprove any regulations or legislation the FAA might wish. Further, he would not be able to MANAGE the FAA if he has a lack of anything they do or regulate.
      It is the equivalent of a person being in charge of the DOJ who is neither an attorney nor a law enforcement officer….but rather a plumber.

  2. It would be nice if the head of a regulating agency actually knew about the topic he was in charge of regulating, but that’s too much to ask these days.

  3. No different, really, from corporations which promote MBAs into “slots” because of their credentials and depend on them to perform “management by spreadsheet” with complex businesses.

    Those corporations fall into decline – think of companies like IBM and GM – or fail completely, like Enron and Blockbuster. The employees suffer, but most find other jobs, the stockholders write off the loss and invest elsewhere, life, sorta, goes on.

    Aircraft, however, for the people who own and ride in them, suffer a somewhat different outcome when the operational map in the office does not match the actual performance terrain in the real world.

    • And that is all well and good until airplanes start flying (or landing) into each other. Or until the system fails due to overloads while the guy who doesn’t know anything gets praise for meeting his budget,,, in industry there is liability and ultimately bankruptcy of they fail, here lives will be lost and he will skate to another admin position.

      • Absolutely. We’ve already seen with Southwest what bean counters can do to an airline, now we get to see what Wokeness and DEI can do to an industry.

        I’m looking for “certain airlines” to start flying empty seats. Maybe a lot of them.

        Thre’s no way this turns out even slightly well.

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