Here, in the US, the leftists

Would have gleefully killed their cats, just sot they could say they were helping end the crisis and to be seen as being more Socially Responsible. Like masking and Vaxxing, they’d have jumped on the bandwagon early to show how good they were, all the while telling other non-compliers how they were socially irresponsible and were gonna kill the rest of humanity.

UK cat cull was considered early in Covid crisis, ex-minister says
James Bethell says government considered whether all pet cats might have to be put down to contain virus


Of course, those same folks…you know, the ones that clamored for forced “Vaccinations” would then have insisted that the government do the culling of the pet cats….(Easy to do in Britain, where the population is effectively disarmed and much more compliant) than inĀ  the US, where some folks might have had other ideas about killing the family pet…..and expressed their wish to not participate……kinetically, shall we say.

But you know those sick, damaged, unthinking, ever so socially compliant liberal go-alongs, the ones that were so keen on putting the non vaccinated in camps…..that repeated the government lies about masking and Ivermectin and vaccines and “Social Distancing”…..that wanted those of us non-vaccinated to be kept out of public spaces and unemployed ….would have gladly killed their own pets to be seen being good Social Citizens and cheered the killing of their neighbor’s pets by the authorities.


2 thoughts on “Here, in the US, the leftists

  1. and would still. just wait until the next one, and its coming. they’ve quietly signed on to an agreement with the w.h.o. to follow ALL who guidelines unquestioned. also prohibiting doctors from using drugs off-label w/out specific fda approval, like hcq and ivermectin. they are making the animal drugs require a prescription come june ’23. they are tying up the loose ends for the next one. i’m too old for this crap, “i aim to misbehave.”

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