Every time I hear a Democrat say

Pay their Fair Share of taxes” I wanna hit ’em in the kneecap with a ball-pein hammer.

I’m sure it sounds good, but it isn’t the truth.

When I sold my business, I paid more in taxes, after 20+ years of hard work…in ONE year…. than most people pay in a lifetime.  Anyone who sells a business will do the same. Anyone who does well in the stock market pays HUGE taxes. But they get accused of “Not paying their Fair Share” and the Democrats want to raise taxes AGAIN….

Fair share my ass. They aren’t paying their fair share. A rich person pays more in taxes than a poor person. A rich person likely uses less police, gets no free anything from the government, and gets no subsidies…. plus pays a much greater amount of taxes. Why should he/she pay a greater percentage of their income if they are successful than some schmoe who isn’t successful or doesn’t even try?

If the Feds need more money they can stop spending so much on people who choose not to work, who squander their money on drugs and cheap fashion, who reproduce willy-nilly (and often without a father@)…stop spending money on “green” bullshit that enriches already rich people and corporations…Stop giving billions to people who cross our borders illegally and live here illegally….and stop sending money to Ukraine (and lots of other countries) where it is unaccounted for. Keep it at home.

But if you say “fair share” I’m gonna find you and throw up in your lap.


@(Note: a higher number unwed white mothers than black mothers exist, so fuck that racism shit)

I swear, if Joe Biden (or folks of his ilk) were on fire at my feet, I’d not unzip to put them out.

6 thoughts on “Every time I hear a Democrat say

  1. Isn’t it odd too, how Social Security and Medicare are always on the chopping block, but WELFARE NEVER IS?…

  2. and ban 30 inch rims and low profile tires. then again, they buy that crap from white businesses so i suppose its recycling the tax money back to us, lol.

  3. “(Note: a higher number unwed white mothers than black mothers exist, so fuck that racism shit)”

    Per capita, how does it work?

    As for the “rich” not using government. They are the only ones to use it. Laws are made and enforced by and for the rich. PERIOD.

    • Really? So rich people use more roads, more police, more military, more fire, more social services, more schools?

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