Turkey and Syria earthquake:

Does anyone know a relief organization that I can donate to where the majority of the money will go to relief of the poor folks affected by the earthquake, and not be mostly siphoned off in graft and other payments? Where the money will get to those who need it?

If so, feel free to tell me in comments.

I just don’t wanna donate and have all the money disappear as it wends it’s way to those who actually need it…..I don’t wanna enrich some government officials that don’t need nor deserve it.

2 thoughts on “Turkey and Syria earthquake:

  1. I would say Samaritan’s Purse.
    I would not fund Red Cross or Red Crescent at all.
    I read something (unconfirmed) that the money spent on present disaster was raised from the previous disaster.
    Most charities are hard pressed to give more than 10 cents on the dollar to help people.
    Massive fiscal machines to devour your contributions.
    Oh and remember the moslims in the Sri Lanka Tsunami? The moslim clerics forbade the “Christian NGO’s from helping bury the dead because they think the Christians were unclean and the clerics told the people so. Even though the Christian NGO’s were first on the ground after the disaster.

  2. B you might check Mercy Chefs, they are asking for needed assistance.

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