340 update:

So we called Ram engines today to see what the status was. They say it will be another 3 months before I can get my engines back. “Supply chain issues” with cylinders and crank bearings.

There may be a way to go with new, rather than reground crankshafts, but that will depend on Continental having those available for purchase…..of course, that will be an upcharge, but they can’t tell me what that upcharge will be yet, or even if the new crankshafts will be available.

So I wait. An exercise in personal growth and all that.


The good news is the rental place has finally gotten their Arrow back from maintenance, so I will be going up Sunday for a checkride and to do some approaches to stay current. I will be able to rent the Arrow for more than 2 hour slots. It isn’t that fast, but it is available, although spendy.

Christ I miss my plane.

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  1. Argh that doth suck. Our club is getting ready for an overhaul of the engine on our Archer. Waiting list from Lycoming is apparently 15 months at the moment.

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