I guess they just want the free shit……

I mean, all those single men from Latin America….the ones bussed to NYC from the southern border. They made themselves unwelcome in New York City so they were given a free ride to Canada…a place where there were jobs available, where they were safe from the “Oppression” they claimed they were fleeing from…A place to start a new life…..

But no, Canada is too cold, and has too much snow.

So they are going back to New York…where these single males “Migrants” will continue to be a problem for the people of New York…..(You know, that city that claimed to welcome “Migrants” but really didn’t want to take care of them…) They didn’t like the accommodations once they had to leve the free hotel rooms that the city gave them…they didn’t like the food that the city gave them…..and they didn’t like the new accommodations that the city found for them in Brooklyn…..

Kinda shitty of these people, innit? I mean, free shit, free food, a free place to stay, free travel to a place where they can get jobs….and they still aren’t happy and demand more.

They should be given the option of being returned to the shithole they claim to have fled from, or finding a job…..(personally, since they are here illegally I’d send ’em back by the busload, but that is just me).

But we are seeing why the shithole they came from is a shithole. People like that are not productive citizens. Why would we want ungrateful leeches here in the US?

5 thoughts on “I guess they just want the free shit……

  1. “…and they still aren’t happy and demand more.”

    Such is the MO of these supposed “victim” groups… It’s nice to see places like NYC have to deal with what we’ve been dealing with… and WARNING THE REST OF THE COUNTRY ABOUT… in the Wild West…

  2. Personally, I’d ship them to Tierra del Fuego by boat, and throw them overboard a mile or so off the coast, allowing them the privilege of swimming to shore.
    Deus cognoscet suum.

    But I’m nostalgic for the old ways.

    Probably wouldn’t take more than one or two such trips to make the point for most folks contemplating an illegal visit to the States.

  3. no, send them back by air. drop the ramp at 10k feet, off you go, see ya.

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