And “Mayor Pete” Buttplug wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Seems that the FAA has some sort of IT issue. The NOTAM system has broken.

Without NOTAMS, a pilot cannot legally fly anywhere, as this is part of the “All available information” that he/she is required to have before flying from anywhere to anywhere else….commercial flight or private flight.

But Transportation Secretary “Mayor Pete” is, as usual, nowhere to be found and as useless as ever.

2 thoughts on “And “Mayor Pete” Buttplug wasn’t anywhere to be found.

  1. Buttigieg gave it a new name NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) . Also, is how the system “broke” a state secret? I cannot find an explanation of the underlying cause.

  2. Nah, really…., it was in process to be changed before Pete was emplaced…he didn’t do it.

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