I like how they try to hide it

So the Illinois government is passing (has passed) an “Assault Weapons Ban”… Apparently the cities and blue counties were able to garner enough votes to overcome the rural areas….

And part of the ban will require that the existing “Assault Weapons” in the hands of legal, law-abiding citizens must be “Certified”…..call it like it is. Registered.  (I expect that the downstate areas…outside of Chicago and the collar counties… will have a very low compliance rate) 

But they lie and use different words…..because the real intent can’t face the light.

Here is one of the ads supporting the legislation. I bet it plays well in Chicago where few know anything about firearms outside of TV, Notice how it connects “Certified” with “safety” and “reduced Gun Violence”. Liars.

One thought on “I like how they try to hide it

  1. This one will go to SCOTUS and maybe we’ll finally get a REAL reading on ‘assault weapons’…

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