So where is the outrage?

I mean, Biden forgets he has classified documents….leaves them unsecured in an unoccupied office.

Trump knew he had the documents, he just wouldn’t return them. And they were in a locked closet that had people around….


Now, I wanna know where the Leftist outrage is? The foaming at the mouth, outrage that they put forth about the Orange Man for his (mis) handling of the documents at Mar-A-Lago…..Where are the calls for Biden to have criminal charges, the claims that he should be jailed, the cries of treason, etc? (Yeah, I’m looking at you Ms Misfit)…


Look, let’s at least be consistent, OK? I think that mishandling and mis-storage of classified documents is wrong, but then again, lots of stuff is classified that isn’t secret and really doesn’t need to be classified in any way….

But sauce for the gander and all that. If yer gonna (faux) Outraged about Trump, then you should be Outraged about Biden for the same reasons…..unless your outrage was all a sham, and just theater…..Histrionics rather that real.

Plus, of course, it appears that all the documents that Biden had mishandled and (supposedly) forgotten about were all related to (Surprise!!!) happenings in Ukraine.…Funny coincidence, innit?  I wonder who looked at  those documents while they were :forgotten” about in the empty offices?



4 thoughts on “So where is the outrage?

  1. It’ll disappear within the next day or so… just watch…

  2. Repeat after me….the lefts number one Mantra….. “Rules are for thee, never for me”.

  3. Even better, the DOJ and media knew about Biden’s improper document handling prior to the mid-terms, and this is just coming out now.

    How very convenient.

  4. Misfit will temporize to the moon and back before giving the same excoriation.

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