And there ya go, no more 10% for “The Big Guy”

Congress is set to vote to stop sales of Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China.

This should have been part of things from the start.

On the one hand, oil is fungible, and putting that oil on the market did decrease the overall price of oil (and therefore gasoline and diesel and heating oil) by creating a surplus.

On the other hand, since much of the oil sold went to Chinese companies, they bought it for use in China… doubt garnering some money for Hunter Biden and other cronies….(and “The Big Guy”).

Using the SPR in the US might be arguably (although a stretch) a Strategic move economically…selling it to our adversaries is not. Of course, at this time, thanks to Slow Joe, our strategic reserves are very low…and China’s reserves are very high…..which may be feature, not a bug.

Hopefully, our legislators will put a stop to this. We shall see.

One thought on “And there ya go, no more 10% for “The Big Guy”

  1. Unless Congress can get a two thirds majority vote ANYTHING they pass can be vetoed. Like this bill….

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