Sadly, not yet fired

Remember the legally blind guy who was arrested for not showing enough respect to the police officer in Columbia County Florida?

Stopped for a reasonable reason, the encounter should have ended when the officer realized that she had made a mistake, and both parties should have gone on their way. But she had to show him that she was in charge and arrested him to show she had power.

She and her supervisor have been “suspended” pending further investigation and will have to undergo “Civil Rights Training” because their behavior was “unacceptable”….

It would seem to me that they have shown their unsuitability to be police officers. Not for making the mistake and investigating, but their actions after that. For arresting a man who did not show enough obeisance because they were police officers. For basically believing that they had the right to do so just because they could.

They should be barred from ever wearing a badge or holding police powers.

If they retain that badge, then there may be some truth to what Dan says about police agencies.

2 thoughts on “Sadly, not yet fired

  1. To many cops are as stupid as those they arrest.
    I mean REAL bad guys

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