Probably the best thing about the elections being over

Is the fact that the DNC supported ads are OVER for a while…

I am so tired of hearing about the non-D Candidate and how they oppose “Women’s Health Care” (euphemism for abortion because the ad writers think it fools people and believe it sounds better), how they “Support the Trump Agenda” (means they oppose outlandishly radical DNC policies), and “Support Guns on the Street” or “Oppose Sensible Gun Laws” (means they support the Second Amendment and don’t want to see gun grabbing politicians have the ability to make stupid laws that won’t help the “Problem”..)

And the best part is that I won’t have to hear, over and over and over and over, the phrase “Too Extreme” for at least another year or so until the ramp up for the next election.

I mean, if they had more than one version of the ad before they play it 2000 times a day….

(To be fair, I got tired of the repetitive Republican ads as well, but they weren’t as irritating as the DNC sponsored ones…)