Here’s a thought

What if the DNC folks just simply weren’t as blatant in their manipulation this time vs 2020?

What if, instead of wholesale [ETA: and BLATANT] cheating,  (which they knew people would not put up with a second time) they simply gently shaded the votes as they were counted, pushing their closer races subtly to the Blue side.

Races that were close, or slight losers to the Dems were suddenly slight wins or really close for the Dems. Like Points Shaving in a basketball game…..

The “Red Wave” was still a (minor) win for the “Conservatives” but it wasn’t as overwhelming nor as all encompassing as predicted. The DNC folks still have a decent balance of power. Nothing as blatant as two years ago, this time the results are (mostly) believable…..(except in Arizona…)

I mean, since we no longer have any confidence in our elections anymore, this is as likely of a scenario as any to explain the differences between the polls and the results of the “election” this time around.

6 thoughts on “Here’s a thought

  1. I think the gentle shading was the intent last time, but they got caught believing their own polls and had to panic and shove at the last minute.

    This time they had a better handle on what to expect and were able to be a bit more smooth about it.

  2. the results prove out the cheat. republican govs won by a landslide, only to have their senate seats won by dems, in the same state. doesn’t pass the smell test, nor simple human logic. they didn’t lose, they won the senate. the house is still in question but i predict a last minute come from behind for the dems. then the gloves come off like you’ve never seen nor imagined. this was america’s last chance. we’re toast.

  3. LOL! The left was quite blatant in their cheating. Every bit as blatant as 2020, perhaps more so. It’s just that there are far more distractions to keep people worried about than there was 2 years ago. And in 2024 the cheating will be ramped up even further. As long as they suffer ZERO consequences for their
    criminality the left will never stop committing crimes. And since they OWN everyone tasked with keeping the honest justice will have to be extrajudicial and of the vigilante variety.

  4. They don’t have to win every election, just a few of the right ones, and by just enough of a margin to beat the recount.

    They’re getting more professional in their cheating. What consultants did they hire?

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