One of the reasons

Why the “Red Wave” fizzled might be that the GOP-side candidates were, for the most part, mediocre. Few were outstanding. Few appeared as really great leaders, even fewer were people that were worth voting FOR.

Much of the Red voters were, I think, simply tired of the people running….most of the votes were votes AGAINST the blue candidate.

If the GOP really wants to gain power they need to find some candidates that people will vote FOR…..and that just isn’t happening.

Trump was the top of his field in 2016 not because he was a great candidate, but because the other candidates were so weak and cheezy and wishy-washy. Then he won because the alternative was Hillary.

We need the GOP to get some people worth voting FOR, for a change.


4 thoughts on “One of the reasons

  1. In the spring on Fox Bret Bair was interviewing 6 military men who were running for congress. Navy Seal Morgan Luttrell was one of the 6. I used to live about 40 miles down the road in Tx where him and his Navy Seal brother reside. His primary win was a blow out and he won the house seat. There’s another Veteran in South Tx who also has won his bid. But Fox went silent on these 6 men and never mentioned them again. I wrote a couple of times looking for info with zero response.

  2. The fraud may have had a wee bit more to do with the results.

    It was, yet again, ham-fistedly obvious.

  3. I’ll agree with Aesop on the fraud issue, but as has often been said “Republican votes have to exceed the margin of Democrat fraud.” If the candidate, or the candidate’s organization/presentation/likeability/etc. stinks, so will the vote tallies, independent of however much fraud the Democrats can bring to bear.

    Such as happened in Pennsylvania. Mehmet Oz? Really? The GOP could not find an even slightly more dynamic candidate, or one with less baggage, than Oz? Better yet, someone whom the prospective Pennsylvania voters knew, had something in common with and who had an identifiable stake in what goes on in Pennsylvania?

    Local, local, local.

    The candidate has to offer positives to garner votes, not just the anti-negatives of “I’m not the other guy” and parachuting someone in behind a brass band rarely works.

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