Ma Ahuthoriteh! 

Arrested for no reason except he didn’t kowtow to the officers.

Why is it that the profession of Police officer seems to draw folks who are petty tyrants?

I mean, there are excellent, awesome, examples out there of how to be a good police officer, but there are also so many abusive assholes. And the former don’t weed out the latter….

5 thoughts on “Respec

  1. There are no good cops. There are douchebag ass clowns like this who commit all manner of atrocities and there are the rest of them who willfully turn a blind eye to these crimes. Good cops are quickly identified and drivn from the job by the 99.9 who are evil. Good cops are NOT tolerated by the system.

    • I’m sorry you’ve never met a good cop.

      I have. In that we differ.

        • And you claim delusion. You’ve never met the folks I have…. How would you know if they are honest or not??
          You need to get over that hatred. young padawan, it is affecting your logic.

  2. Resisting arrest cannot be reason for the arrest. Not only is this intuitive and logical, but a legal opinion of the US Supreme Court.

    These two heroes so callously disregard the aforementioned that they act in total disagreement of it. Dumb and stupid has now been redefined; its worse than you thought.

    Notice Sgt Dumber is not identified. Indeed, a closer look reveals a double space after the word Sergeant, and before the next word. I deduce Sarge’s ident was redacted.

    Notice that the Sherf is ‘troubled’. If that isn’t a tsk tsk, oh well, I don’t know what is.

    Whats gonna happen here is an offer for settlement will be made. That settlement will be less than the maximum as defined by the County’s insurance underwriters. The attorneys for both sides will negotiate, offer will be accepted, this all goes away, the two buffoons will be yelled at (as if) and return to duty. There will not be any significant or lasting change in policy.

    Who is left holding the tab? Go look in the mirror, you miscreant.

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