Failure in styling

I mean it.

I saw a Jeep Grand Waggoneer up close and personal for the first time yesterday.

What an ugly piece of shit. “Big”, is about the only redeeming quality.

It is amazing that anyone will buy such a piece of crap.

One thought on “Failure in styling

  1. I have been noticing the same thing for a long time. They slap their brand name on a vehicle and just figure that is enough to sell it. Kind of like in politics. The Republicans or the Democrats just slap a R or a D on their candidates name and assume that is all they have to do to get the followers to vote for said candidate. Sadly, for many of the sheeple, that is about it.
    My wife and I used to go on vacation every year, and rent a car each time. So I got to drive several different kinds of new cars often. And while some of them were pretty nice rides, over time, it became apparent that cars were being built first to meet some federal standards, and then they considered what they could do to make their cars stand out from the other guys. Sometimes that meant that they forgot the part where they made them drivable and comfortable.
    So the new cars had all of the electronic gadgets that you could ever imagine, from phone connections, to televisions, to usb ports to play music, at the cost of piss poor seats or hitting your head trying to get in.
    One car, the HHR, that I drove, was so crappy, that I could hardly see out of the front window. Another one, the Jeep Compass, which had less than 100 miles on it, I thought was going to be really nice, compared to the larger Jeeps that I had driven in the past. No such luck. That one was crappy in all the possible ways, from brakes to steering to a bad turning radius.

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