What we already knew about Hunter

Lying about income, foreign financial info, drug use, lying on a 4473 form,

If any of us had done any single one of these, we’d already be jailed.

The question is, since we knew all about much of this from the laptop data…BEFORE the election, and the FBI had that data as well, why wasn’t it publicized by the Media and the FBI before the election? Why was the truth hidden? Why was the investigation slow-rolled for two years? Who ordered the FBI to do so? Will they be held accountable?

And another question: Why is it being revealed NOW? Who benefits? Is it to keep Joe from trying to run again for President? Is there another reason?

Just askin’.


4 thoughts on “What we already knew about Hunter

  1. You forgot acting as an agent of a foreign country ,not registered with the U.S. Government.

    • I was only discussing what the news reports are saying. Not that they are complete, mind you, but those in the article are being (finally!) talked about.

      • It occurs to me Mr w’s observation should be included in the money aspect of your comment, but maybe I am over-analyzing this.

  2. What we know is that if you post a certain picture about Hunter that was OK on Facebook 2 months ago you’ll be put in FB jail.

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