Class act right there.

Seems that a Wendy’s has fired a 20 year employee WITH DOWN’S SYNDROME because there “were some jobs for which he was not suited” according to the manager.

Class act.

Were I the Franchisee I’d be doing damage control right now.

I have employed several folks with Down’s Syndrome over the years. I found them all, without fail, to be hard workers with great attendance. Yes, they required more training, and more supervision, but they were loyal, hard working employees who were valued and needed. Most of mine, I am proud to say, went on to bigger and better things after working for me and learning that they COULD hold jobs, and with that confidence, grew into stronger people. All most of them need is direction and goal.




4 thoughts on “Class act right there.

  1. “It is unclear if the manager who fired Peek has been disciplined, or themselves now faces losing their job.

    The Carolina Restaurant Group stated: ‘We cannot comment further on personnel matters, but we’re taking appropriate action. This was an unfortunate mistake “

    They absolutely can comment on it, and will, with the who it was and that their employment with Wendy’s is terminated OR people can choose to eat elsewhere

  2. And a sourpuss was never found among them.
    What a lousy thing to do to that guy. After twenty years, figgered out the guy just wasn’t cutting it.. Someone needs slapped real good.

  3. Thank you for employing people who actually WANT to work, and giving them the chance to prove that they can. My parents owned a restaurant in our very small Michigan town, for over 30 years. They were actually the 2nd largest employer in the area, after the school system. And they never refused to hire anyone, no matter their background. And it never failed to payoff for them.
    This of course, was a different time, and a different world. The massive drug epidemic of today had not yet reached that area the way that it has today. Now, my small town has gotten to the point where it is likely that the largest employer there is both the selling of legal marijuana and illegal drugs such as meth and heroin.
    The sad truth is, who is going to work a low paying job, washing dishes or the like, when they can make much more, for less work, by selling meth or growing weed? Here in Michigan, pot is legal, which I have no opinion about, either way. Federally, Biden in his push for the midterm success of the Democrat party, has signaled that he is open to a nationwide legalization effort. Sadly, I fear that once that passes, it will morph into even worse problems with much worse drugs, and it will make work enforcement of antidrug policies much tougher.
    This is a much different world than it was. As much as I miss my parents, there are times that I am glad that they did not live to see what the world has become.

  4. That’s one way to cut down on expenses. Gas and electric are getting expensive.

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