Trying to buy your votes with your own oil

Biden is planning on selling even MORE SPR oil in October, for November Delivery, to try and keep the price of oil down. He’s afraid that if the price keeps climbing (which it will, ’cause the 10 million barrels is just a drop in the bucket as the OPEC+ folks have cut their stated production numbers by 2 million barrels a day) that folks will remember that gasoline was about $2 until the DNC “won” their election in 2020.

The U.S. Energy Department said on Monday it will sell up to 10 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, for delivery in November, extending the timing of a plan to sell 180 million barrels from the stockpile to tame fuel prices.

Just wait until AFTER the elections. His policies will make us wish we still had pricing like it was this summer.


2 thoughts on “Trying to buy your votes with your own oil

  1. Saw gas was going up so pulled into Murphy’s for $3.05 gas. I wasn’t even half empty but I knew it wasn’t going down so filled up. As I pulled out the sign flipped to $3.29.

  2. Pedo Joe isn’t selling this gas to help US. He’s selling it to CHINA to help them.
    And at around $100 a barrel every time he sells a million barrels that’s about $100 Million bucks….and remember. !0% for the Big Guy.

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