about time

Seems that the FBI has finally decided to bother to look into Hunter Biden enough to actually see the evidence:

Federal agents have ‘enough evidence to CHARGE Hunter Biden with tax crimes and making a false statement while buying gun’, bombshell report claims: Decision lies in hands of U.S. attorney in Delaware

If it were any of us “regular” citizens, we’d already have been prosecuted, tried, and incarcerated by now

4 thoughts on “about time

      • The information was most likely leaked by a disgruntled whistle blower (GREAT !!! DO MORE !!!)
        There’s no advantage to the Democrat Fascists to have this information released.
        As other people have noted, there was nothing mentioned about the obvious and gross FARA violations.
        If anything comes of this, it will be meaningless misdemeanor guilty pleas.

  1. Maybe the first step in getting rid of Biden? If he’s on his way out, then the protection he and his family enjoy will be withdrawn.

    I expect it to kick off (if it IS going to kick off) after the mid terms.

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