So the old couple is talking at the tavern…. nearby, a waitress can hear them:


“Do you remember the first time we had sex?” she asks, a grin on her face.

“yep, I surely do!” says the old man. “Right behind this very tavern, We’d been drinking and both got very hot and we went outside…you put both hands on the fence wire and I went to town. It was amazing”

“Wanna try it again?” she asks with a grin? “I mean, it was over 50 years ago….”

“I’m not that old yet!” says the old man.

They walk to the back and out the door, both leaning on their canes.

The waitress cannot believe what they are doing, and she discretely follows then just to see if they are really gonna do it. Sure enough, they go out back, the old lady hikes up her skirt, the old man drops his pants and grabs her by the hips. She puts her hands on the top fence wire for support and the old man just explodes into action. He goes at her for 10 minutes or so  hammering really hard  and grunting…, she’s wriggling her butt and dancing from one foot to the other, standing an her toes and arching her back… both of them moaning and breathing hard …they pause for a moment here and there, but keep going until they both collapse on the ground panting and moaning and still breathing hard and nearly passed out….

The waitress is amazed! She’s never seen anyone go like that, especially folks that old. She discretely closes the door and goes back inside.

The old couple returns to their table, again leaning even more heavily on their canes. They are both shaky and wobbly.

The old man says “I gotta go to the bathroom!” and toddles off to the men’s room.

The waitress looks at the old lady:

“Pardon me, I don’t mean to intrude, but I saw the two of you out back. That was incredible. I’ve never seen anyone do anything that intense. You two were wonderful. Is there a secret to how you are able to be so intense, even at , pardon me, your advanced age?”

“When we did it 50 years ago, we were young and vigorous, my dear. But back then, that fence wasn’t electrified!”


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