Cold, Dark, and now …Silent?

Seems that the Wireless infrastructure (Mobile phones and data) all across Europe may well also “go dark” as the electricity crisis may well lead to blackouts….and the wireless networks may well not have enough backup power (or any at all)…..and the power sharing programs that will share power across borders and regions may well soon be …..ignored.

As rotating blackouts happen, the cell towers and other data centers may well not have enough backup batteries to last until the power comes back on…..leading to communications blackouts as well.

On the one hand, one can buy more batteries….up to a point. On the other hand, those batteries can only charge so fast.

Of course, communications blackouts will make it harder to use cell phones to organize riots and lynchings of those government officials who so totally screwed things up, so there is that….

2 thoughts on “Cold, Dark, and now …Silent?

  1. Post it on the church door, it worked for Martin Luther.

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