A most interesting conversation:

So I am the treasurer for my shooting club. and today (Monday)  I was taking the receipts from a raffle we held to the bank.

On the way, I came upon a (minor) fender bender accident. The police had already been called, but the cars were in an area where one of the cars (which wasn’t drivable) was causing some confusion and they were in a somewhat dangerous place. So I parked the car and turned on my flashers in a place that gave people some notice and somewhat shielded the accident scene….

The cops soon arrived and while one was talking with the two drivers who had been in the accident the other came over to where I was sitting in my car getting ready to leave

He approached the passenger side and I rolled the window down. He asked if I had seen the accident or been involved and I told him that no, I had come upon the scene a few minutes after and had simply been trying to make the scene safer for other drivers. He thanked me and I said that I would be leaving as it appeared that the cops had things in hand. Then he looked down and saw the cash that I had in a clip on the passengers seat.

“That’s a lot of money”

“Yes, it is ($3420.00 mostly in 20’s)”

“Where did you get that money?”

“With all due respect, that is none of your business, officer”

I then locked the doors. Rolled the window most of the way up as well.

“Since you won’t tell me, I could take it”

“Why? Do you think I have committed a crime?”.

“How much is there? Looks like several thousand dollars”

“I am taking it to the bank to deposit it…how much is none of your business” (There was a filled out deposit slip on top).

“Looks suspicious to me”

“If you are thinking Civil Asset Forfeiture, better get a supervisor. If you try to take it then I would consider it Armed Robbery…and would respond appropriately”

“Are you making a threat? ”

“Nope. Just telling ya. Am I free to go?”

With that, he turned and walked away

What a great way to make me want to help next time. What a great way to make me respect police officers.


I respect and appreciate the job the police do. But cops like this erode that respect.


11 thoughts on “A most interesting conversation:

  1. Sorry but they are all corrupt. There are no good cops. Any who aren’t corrupt and don’t follow the rules and abuse the citizenry are quickly identified and forced out of the job.

  2. You had $3000 in $20s sitting in plain view on the passenger seat? Next time get the bank to give you a deposit bag, or at least use a manila envelope. Cops aren’t the only armed assholes out there.

    • I was on my way TO the bank…directly from home. Yeah, I should have put it in an envelope but didn’t plan on stopping.

      Wasn’t worried about being robbed, until the cop thought about it.

  3. Just like with the Religion Of Peace, 95% of cops give the good 5% a bad reputation.

    Like anyone needed more proof.

    That he did anything more than say “Thanks for your assistance and civic-mindedness” proves he’s 100 douchebadge, all the time.
    And on paper per that agency, he’s probably a model officer.

    This is who they want, who they hire, who they promote, and who they are and want to be.
    And they wonder why everyone on all sides despises them.

    When the shooting starts from everywhere, and they start getting it from all sides 24/7/365, they’re all going to have surprised looks on their faces.

    Sir Robert Peel wasn’t just whistling when he enunciated his Principles.
    Some of them will live to regret not paying closer attention.
    And a lot won’t.

  4. They are all Geheime Staatspolizei now; Peace Officers are all either retired or long buried (think: Andy Taylor, Peace Officer; Barney Fife, Law Enforcement). And, as Aesop mentions, it’s highly doubtful anyone today has an inkling who Robert Peel was.

    RE: the self-inflicted wound of openly displaying cash, or even stopping to help; that’ll teach you (learn the mantra: “Not my circus, not my monkeys”, aka NMFP). It ain’t just the bad guys you need camoflage against, it’s the pretend good guys, too.

    Perhaps the one plus is that it’s common for gang members to wear semi-unique outfits that are easily identifiable from several hundred meters away.

  5. The corruption of our local PD is LEGENDARY. I wouldn’t t trust one of those guys to give me the time of day! The whole “Defund the police” thing is a direct result of this corruption. The police lost the community. “Defund the police” started, and the community just said, “You had this coming. We tried to warn you, but…”

  6. Good on you and bad on him, why people of any occupation can’t mind their own fucking business shows how far society has detoriated, and we haven’t hit bottom yet.

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