Lowest since 1984

Yep. Our Strategic (note that word) Petroleum Reserve is at it’s lowest level since 1984.

This is the supply meant for war. Meant to safeguard the United States if we are at war, or are attacked and cannot easily keep importing crude oil. Or if our oil supplying areas were somehow stopped from producing.

Biden ha used it to artificially reduce the market price of oil. Selling that oil (via a Hunter Biden-associated company, oddly enough) on the open market in an attempt to reduce the price we Americans pay for gasoline, diesel, and heating oil. (I was wrong, BTW,, the massive amounts of oil sold by the US DID reduce the pricing).

It worked, and for a short time (oddly, just before the elections) gasoline is below $4 a gallon….in other words, the American people get to buy “inexpensive” gas because they or other taxpayers bought oil in the past that was stored long ago and then sold to keep their price down at the pump…

And it isn’t like there is any plan to buy back that inventory now that the price is down…(that would push the price back up which Biden cannot allow until the elections are over, lest the DNC losses climb even higher than they are likely to be) .

So, again, the US is in an even weaker logistical position than it was 2 years ago. all to push the price of oil lower.

Note that economics is NOT the reason for the SPR oil that is in the reserve.

But the security of the US and it’s citizens takes a back seat to the DNC maintaining it’s power so that they can continue to gut the country and “Fundamentally Change” our way of life….


3 thoughts on “Lowest since 1984

  1. And let’s not forget that we’re paying to buy gasoline made from oil we already paid for once already! That’s like gutting your savings account and then making loans available!

  2. Virtually all that oil was sold to China…through the company Hunter Biden s part of… with “10% for the big guy”. This is treason. No other word for it.

  3. Meh.

    All true, it’s just poitical games, but the SPR was always a joke anyways.

    It’s….what?…about 15 minutes’ worth of our annual energy usage?
    It wouldn’t keep the Navy and Air Farce rolling on a wartime footing for more than a couple of weeks, tops.

    Somebody wants to do a serious SPR, and spread it around to 50 states, let’s talk.

    Otherwise, this was always just a boondoggle fraud, like the “Social Security lock-box” that doesn’t exist either.

    Tinkerbell is dead? So what.
    Nobody serious cares.

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