Will she also go after the rent?

‘Cause Letitia James is letting him live Rent Free in her head.

The people of New York should ask how their tax money is being spent wisely going after Trump in a 3 year “Investigation” into his business dealings.

The claim is, apparently, that he overvalued his properties to get loans on them. Bad business practices by the lending banks then, if they failed to verify the value of the assets, innit? When you get a mortgage for your home, generally the banks do some sort of appraisal or market value estimate to make sure that they are covered if you fail to make payments on the loan….they can sell the collateral (generally the home being mortgaged) to recover their losses. I know that each time I refinanced my businesses that the banks required some sort of verification of value of the businesses to ensure that they were covered. …If the banks in this case failed to do so, that is on them, not on Trump. His valuation is what he thinks it is worth, not what the market might think. Up to the banks to determine if the numbers are close or way out of line…..

One wonders how much taxpayer money Ms James has spent to persecute Trump? Do they approve of that wasteful spending? It sure looks like the AG is doing this to be petty, vindictive and to keep Donnie from running in 2024. Do the NY taxpayers approve?

Who got damaged if his valuations were incorrect? Did he default on the loans and the collateral was insufficient to cover them? Not that I am aware of….who got hurt ? Where is the actual, you know, crime?

Please feel free to enlighten me.

2 thoughts on “Will she also go after the rent?

  1. This is lawfare. The deliberate willful misuse of the legal system to harass, abuse and destroy anyone who opposes those controlling the legal stem.

  2. The Left is using these investigations to save the Party from having to pay out actual cost of investigating Trump on their own. After 5 years of digging into Trump, something illegal would have been found by now – those a-holes are motivated to get SOMETHING on him.

    The Left is terrified of Trump. They don’t bolster Joe Biden and brag about all they have accomplished since Trump’s departure, they only tear down Trump, his likely opposition. Compare the 1st term accomplishments of both administrations and judge who you would rather do 4 more years of that.

    The Left can’t compete. They just cringe at the dawn of the next day (what is Joe gonna do today ?).

    I remember when winning an election was predicated on doing a good job to continue a 2nd term. I miss that country – I wonder where it went ? I liked it.

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