Pissed off Teutonic types is never a Good Thing…..

So the German police are planning for riots and Civil Unrest… 

They expect that when the price of things goes sky high, the price of natural gas follows (it is already insanely high), and electricity TRIPLES from today’s already high price,,….

That the people will be (ahem) unhappy…and will demonstrate that fact in the streets.

It won’t be pretty. Germans have a history….and the history isn’t a nice one. .

I expect that if there are blackouts that the Germans will become…incensed. And likely take their unhappiness out on either the immigrants or the Governments…..or both.

Merkel did her job well, didn’t she? Weakened and damaged the country and then, of course, left others to try and clean up the mess.

3 thoughts on “Pissed off Teutonic types is never a Good Thing…..

  1. LOL. I read the headline as ‘pissed off tectonic plates…’ at first. Although, same-same I guess.

  2. Nah….we killed off most of the Germans with balls in the two world wars. What’s left arre the cowards and soy boys.

  3. The two World Wars shed the best blood of the Germans. Their descendants are neutered order followers too cowardly to oppose “their” government replacing them with Africans and Arabs. THOSE are the people who will become “incensed”.

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