Perhaps the police should take lessons


Denver police injured five bystanders when they opened fire in the busy Lower Downtown nightlife district as bars closed early Sunday, shooting a man they allege pointed a gun at officers. Those bystanders — three women and two men — were either shot by police or injured with shrapnel from the officers’ bullets, Denver police said in a news release Sunday afternoon. All five are expected to survive.

Three bystander shot. No statements as to the range of the encounter nor the total shots fired by police.


But it appears to be significantly less than 80% accuracy.

Contrast with Greenwood Indiana.


5 thoughts on “Perhaps the police should take lessons

  1. The police don’t get to choose the location and circumstances of an engagement. In this case, the area was “hard” (bricks and concrete) so misses or penetrating rounds are going to “bounce”.

    The injuries are poorly reported. Injuries from bits of masonry, fragments of bullets, hits from intact bullets are all reported as “injuries”. It is difficult to tell what actually happened. In urban areas, injuries/deaths from “bouncing bullets” are a real concern.

    • While I agree the reporting is poor, there were no “friendly fire” injuries reported in Greenwood, Indiana.
      and we know that that range was about 40 yards.

      One is a great performance, the other is what we expect from cops these days.

  2. Still not as bad as the typical hit percent for the NYPD…..

  3. Anybody do the math on the Dayton shooting of 2019? IIRC, there were a total of 109 gunshots. The police report determined there were 99 gunshot wounds. Pretty high accuracy rate.

    The shooter only fired his weapon 41 times.

    Dayton PD were lauded as heroes. I got no problem with that.
    What I find odd is that police and the media carefully detailed the locations of the deceased. They did not do the same for the injured.

    While it’s not uncommon for a bullet to cause more than one wound, it would seem that the shooter has a lot of official help in exacerbating the casualty count.

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