Innit interesting

I mean, less than 3000 cases of Monkeypox in the US, and less than 16K worldwide.

Yet, because it is a Gay Men’s disease, it is a “Public Health Emergency”.

Of course, it is, like AIDS, exclusively a disease of “Men who are intimate with men” (the media, for some reason, cannot say “gay” when referring to Monkeypox) . And, like Aids, it is simple to not get it, simply don’t sleep with other men. But that behavior seems to be difficult for Gay men to achieve….so it is spreading…..among Gay and Bisexual Men. Not in the rest of the population.

The media, the WHO, and the medical community claims this is an emergency…a Public Health Emergency…but it isn’t. Why is it that diseases that Gay Men spread somehow get the most attention and resources?


4 thoughts on “Innit interesting

  1. Anything to keep the economy and gas prices off the front pages/lede in the news.

  2. The problem is that with Monkeypox… AIDS….the rump rangers won’t stick to each other. Some of the bastards go both way…..thus introducing their diseases to the rest of society. Their are GOOD REASONS why faggotry was banned for most of history.

  3. Monkeypox is a public health emergency because they have no other public health emergency to seize power with in time for the mid-terms. If the pox ruse doesn’t go over for them, they will start a nuclear war in October.

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