He should have testified: But said “I Cant’t Recall”

Instead, Bannon is looking at up to two years in jail for refusing the summons of the Jan 6 Star Chamber Congress.

But hey, “I Can’t Recall” worked for Hillary, so why not Bannon?

Lots of other staffers for Clinton said the same thing. None of them could recall the answers to the questions asked…

Seems to be a valid part of your testimony, if you are a Democrat….so why couldn’t Bannon use this?


4 thoughts on “He should have testified: But said “I Cant’t Recall”

  1. He should have appeared and and made this statement:
    “I will answer any question that is directly and immediately relevant to Congress’s legal legislative oversight duties……”

  2. Since he is now facing jail time, he should have shown up, with several of his lawyers. When asked the very first question, a simple refusal to answer on his 5th amendment rights would then have given.
    Since this committee is nothing but a witch hunt, with very little oversight, or even rules or agenda, Bannon could be sure that the committee would find a way to hang him. So refusing to answer could only help him, while answering have them the chance to claim that he lied, and hang him, which they did.

  3. I think he’s doing the right thing.

    He, like many other Americans, has only contempt for Congress and the corrupt careerists that walk those halls, dripping with power, ambition, and treachery. They are worthy of our contempt.

    I despise them even more now for their craven behavior in response to January 6th, and their kangaroo court.

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