subtle changes

Have you noticed the subtle change in the Covid Vaccine message?

It went from “The vaccine can keep you from getting covid”.

to “The vaccine can keep you from getting covid if you get your booster shots”.

to “The vaccine and boosters can keep you from getting Severe covid”.

to “The boosters can keep you from having long term effects from covid”.

Interesting progression, innit?

What it tells me is that the covid “vaccine” and boosters are ineffective.

I still can’t figure out why they are pushing them though, unless it is just a plan to make money for the pharmaceutical companies….but if that is the case them a LOT of people are in on it, so I dunno.

4 thoughts on “subtle changes

  1. The COVID vaxxes can kill you, and have a pretty good shot at making COVID worse for you, as well as destroying your immune system.

    As planned.

  2. Anyone buying into the bullshit they are feeding us about the poison jabs is way beyond saving. They are lost, no longer useful thinking members of a productive society.

  3. The only way the boosters keep you from getting “long term effects” is that they kill you in the short term.

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