About time

John Paul Issac is suing CNN, Politico, Adam Schiff, and others, claiming defamation.


Who is he? He is the guy who fixed the now Infamous Hunter Biden Laptop and revealed it to the world after Hunter failed to pick it back up.

Schiff and CNN and others claimed his revealing of the (apparently real) laptop was “Russian Disinformation”….Apparently they lied in order to help get Joe Biden elected….

Mr. Issac, in the aftermath, lost his business.


I hope he wins his lawsuits and is able to recover his livelihood.

2 thoughts on “About time

  1. Good luck to him, and IF he wins, he’ll get pennies on the dollar as the lawyers will take most of it.

    • If he wins the attorneys will take 40-50%, but if he wins, he’ll win BIG

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