Piercing the facade

So, suddenly, the Media and the Democrats and the Liberals (but, again, I repeat myself) are decrying the loss of “Women’s Rights”…


Not terribly inclusive, are they. What about the transgendered, the confused, the wannabe girls? What about THEIR rights to an abortion?


Oh, yeah, they’ve torn the fa├žade off of their “Inclusiveness” and now they are looking out for Women….Real women. Made with original equipment women…..because they all know that the whole Trans thing is bullshit and women are women and the rest…..aren’t.

They are showing that they know what a woman is, and that the other rhetoric is lies and bullshit. They don’t need to “Be a Biologist” for this either…When it really matters, women are what we all know they are defined as. Not a dude with some surgery, not a make believe woman who is really a man in a dress.

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