But they assured us that it was 100% safe….

Except that now the CDC has “Restricted” the use of the Johnson & Johnson Covid “vaccine”  due to “Concern over Blood Clots”. 

We are told that the clots are, (of course) extremely rare. (But they have restricted its use nonetheless….for a “tested and safe” vaccine that they assured us was safe….until now, of course.

Odd, innit? Fully safe then restricted. But we are told on TV and the other media “Trust us” as they tell us how we should take the jab….

Is it safe or not? I think the results speak for thenselves

2 thoughts on “But they assured us that it was 100% safe….

  1. a pfizer vp was arrested in vancouver on fraud charges after leaked files showed their vax isn’t safe either. hoping against hope this expands exponentially.

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