It’d be nice

If the Feds would treat this sort of vandalism as a Hate Crime and then use the tools they are using to persecute the Jan 6 protestors to go after these people..

You know, cell phone location data, and such, maybe video evidence (if any), facebook./other social media and all that….

But they won’t because they approve of such, and therefore they won’t bother to even try….’Cause like the BLM vandals, they are Lefty Approved Protestors, so it is allowed.

2 thoughts on “It’d be nice

  1. Yep, to the Left, their violence is speech and the Right’s speech is violence.
    Therefore per their interpretation of the rules, they can do as they want, and given the leftist prosecutors at the state and federal level, governors, and presidential administration in charge they’re getting away with it — For now.

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