“A hole in the air

Into which one throws money”

It is said that a boat is a “hole in the water into which one throws money”.

Such it also is with airplanes….except the hole is bigger and deeper.

The 340 had a starting issue after sitting for two weeks….and it didn’t have enough battery to start the engine when I tried to…the starter turned the engine until the top of the compression stroke and then…nothing.

Pulled the panel on the wing, disconnected the battery (3 different screwdriver types!) and put it on the tester….Fail. Left it in the maintenance shop overnight on the “desulphate” setting…Fail.

No choice, ordered a new battery. Interestingly enough, the battery that was in the 340 is not the correct battery. same capacity and size, just a non correct part number. (might be an approved replacement, I didn’t check) Ordered the correct battery, and it will be here on Monday. The least expensive lead-acid was “No stock available” with expected ship date in two weeks…at a price of $548,  The Sealed-Lead-acid equivalent ($140 more) was available. The other option was the Concord AGM for yet an additional $108….I chose the middle one as it was available. Pricey. At least I got free ground shipping…..

If you think boat parts are expensive, you ain’t seen nothin’.


6 thoughts on ““A hole in the air

  1. Did you see the irony in getting “ground shipping” for an airplane part?

    • It was free, as apposed to big bucks for the other options. Batteries are heavy.
      And yes, I do see the irony

  2. Jimmy’s World
    YouTube, buys and fixes them up.
    And the frikkin air to pit in an airplanes tires is apparently very expensive.

    • Jimmys world is a joke of a youtube channel. If you are getting info from him you aren’t.

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