She will forever be remembered as a token

Look: I believe that any judge who is at the Appeals Court level is likely qualified to be a Supreme.

But Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be forever remembered as the Token Black woman. I kinda a feel sorry for her. That shadow will cover her no matter what she does from here.


2 thoughts on “She will forever be remembered as a token

  1. All (p)Resident Drooling Meat Puppet Poopy-Pants had to do was keep his mouth SHUT and just nominate her. The media would have made the fuss over her being the 1st black woman appointed to SCOTUS. He could then say “oh yeah, wouldja look at that!”

    But they just can’t help themselves. Like DJT says, “everything touched by liberals turns to SHIT!”

  2. Anyone whose definition of “woman” is fluid will define the Constitution the same way. DISQUALIFIED!

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