There may be nothing less useful

That the protest by women in the USA regarding the war in Ukraine.

Silent vigils

Taped over faces.

Lines of shoes symbolizing the dead.

They accomplish NOTHING.

Like most Leftist protests, they impress only themselves and influence no one. Demonstrate their uselessness and impotence. Symbology accomplishes nothing without action. (But hey, they get to act together with their sisters and feel good about themselves. Plus pretty flowers in their hair)

The only thing that truly stops war is naked aggression and violence, or the threat of it.

But their actions make them FEEL like they are doing something, at least. Useless bunch of twits.



2 thoughts on “There may be nothing less useful

  1. Or….could just have Zelensky recognize the DPR and LPR , stop sending money and arms , and call it a day . Signed , U.S. Veteran , Desert Storm , Somalia , and Iraq . Just my thoughts , this “war” ain’t going anywhere but “south” . God I hate to quote Nuland , but yeah , ” f the E.U. ! “

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