That BLM Mansion purchase? It gets even better

The mansion purchase by BLM I linked to earlier was bad enough…Nearly 6 million spent on a mansion in California bought by the BLM folks with donations….

But more details are emerging…seems the seller had purchased the same home only 6 days earlier for 3.1 million…and he is (of course) connected to (and working for)BLM founder Patrisse Cullors … The home was sold (the second time) for nearly twice the market price….to the Back Lives Matter organization.

So in 6 days, not only was nearly 6 million dollars of well-meant donations spent on an opulent home by the BLM leadership, but the entity who sold it (owned by Ms Cullors) made a tidy 2.7 MILLION dollar profit on the deal. Ms Cullors claims she is no longer in any way connected to the BLM organization, of course….

And any criticism is…wait for it…..”Racist and Sexist”.

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